Behold: Anger Management Game: Shoot Trump and make America great again!

Recently I started developing a small arcade style game on Unity 5 called Anger Management: Shoot Trump and make America great again. Its basically a game where you throw darts at a picture of US election candidate Donald Trump. I designed it as a way for non-Trump supporters to take out their anger on the racist, conservative, idiot. The link is right here at anger management.

A picture of Trump moves back and forth on the screen, and you must shoot it with your arrow by tapping the screen and launching the arrow. If it hits, you get a point and keep playing, but if it misses, the game is over.

This is only the beta version of the game. After all the features are complete, I will release the game on iOS. That means that you can download it on your iPhone or iPad.

Come back for new updates on Anger Management!