Steve Parsons – My Comic Strip

Once I decided to start making comic strips, and a lot of people subscribed to me. The lead character of my comics is a kid called Steve Parson. And although  a lot of my comic strips were different than my latest comic, I still used that same name for all of them. The aftermath of all those changes was a nerd with a lot of troubles, and using a lot of people as the victim of his jokes. Below you can see all my Steve Parson comics that I  made so far.

First you can see some of my old Steve Parson strips, which I drew entirely by hand.

-In my first comic, Steve was a kid who was always playing jokes on his friend, Ward.


-Then, I changed Steve into a professional baseball player, and he still plays jokes on Ward, but I also changed Ward into the umpire.


-Then I  changed Steve back into a kid, and he reached his nerd form. I also changed Ward back into a kid, but now he’s Steve’s ex-friend.


Now you can see some of my new  Steve Parson strips, which I made using the following process.

1. I drew the images by hand

2. I traced and colored it in on Adobe Ideas on iPad

3. I edited them in Adobe Photoshop

4. I put them on Comic Life 2.0 to make it into a comic





The training school

Slaves are chosen to become gladiators, and are enrolled in combat training. The training gladiator must go through many different trials in order to pass onto the final test, where trainees must fight a gladiator in a special way.Image

Two of the trials are shown in the picture(above).

The final test

Now that all the men have done all the trials,it is time for the final test. This includes fighting in a special way.

The preparation for the final test is shown in the picture(below)


Before the fight

Emperor Titus has called up a gladiator fight in the colliseum, and all the gladiators are going to come and test their skills against others.But first they must prepare.There is an area where gladiators can sharpen their swords, but it cannot work with other weapons.There is a picture of this all happening(below)


 Duel in the colliseum

The first duel is begining now. Two gladiators must fight each other. Titus once said that a duel cannot be ended until a gladiator dies. The first gladiator raises his sword to strike. The second gladiator knocked the first gladiator off his balance and pinned him with his foot. The first gladiator got back up and threw his sword into his opponent’s chest. Then he raised his weapons and yelled “VICTORIA!!!”

Air vs Land

Here is one story many animal loving people might want to hear many times. It all takes place in a land where the sky is light and the clouds are dark. It gets its bad by black clouds and its good by grey clouds.

Soon a villain rose from the dark. His name was flyer-bot and he had plans to extinguish all the ground transportation and get everyone to travel through air! Luckily man named hull decided to become a hero as he saw the light. He ran to get a bearskin and placed a disc in his invention.

He was now master lobster because he made it magical. Whoever wore it had three arms on each of its sides like a lobster. He was now ready to rescue his own land. all that he needed now was a plan. if he did not find a plan he would not be able to save his land.

He then had a plan to find the weapons of the lobster as they had power over the enemy of a lobster warrior and he immediately drew his plan on a scroll.

but it would take days to find all weapons so he would have to pack all his supplies he needed so he packed a water bottle, a big box of all his food, a sleeping bag, a set of disguises and a list into a gigantic bag.

He took off out of his palace and looked around. There was no sign of danger so he stepped closer and saw a giant dragon elephant with oversized-flame charging at him. He dodged the flames better than a super black belt martial arts warrior and struck its chest and then its heart.
When he was fighting he got new upgrades fit for a warrior and he decided to test his new lobster and dragon elephant body so he swam in the deepest ocean of all the land and shot down a tree with his entire body and made a crack on an icy spot and flew over all the clouds of the land and back in a flash but then he saw an army of plane warriors charging at him and reprogrammed all of them and made them into part of a creation and then he saw an army of jet warriors charging at him and he did the same thing and also did that to rocket warriors and helicopter warriors and bomber warriors until his dis-painted creations were all put together.

Playland great-legoland better

I really like amusement parks.My parents took me to Playland but I want to go to legoland!

Playland has lots of fun rides but legoland also has rides and those rides are more fun the rides than Playland.
Playland has lots of restaurants but legoland has lots more of restaurants and shops!

At Playland they have a flume but in Legoland they have a pirate reef.

Even though we had lots of fun in Playland riding the helicopters and the ferris wheel , I thought Legoland will be lots and lots of fun.

Why people thought of gods?

Ancient Greeks thought of gods because they wanted to understand how things happen.It  was a long time before they discovered science of course.

Basically Zeus had eight immortal children: Ares the god of war,Artemis the godess of the moon and wild animals,Hermes the god of trade and the proctector of travelers, Hephaestus the god of the BLACKSMITH’s fire,Athena the godess of wisdom and war, Apollo , the god of light, music and healing, Dionysus the god of wine and feasting and Hebe, the goddess of youth.

If I was ancient I will imagine a god of winter named Hionos.Whenever he throws his spear through the winter clouds(which is where he lives)snow falls to the ground.

Technology in ancient Egypt

I borrowed a book about this from burnaby public library,anyway my father wanted it. I agreed but found that it wasn’t that good,even though I love history!

I liked the part that they made models and I did not like the book because it was all about Egyptian technology.

If you were a time traveller and you went in the times of ancient Egypt, getting water will be tricky.we did a project based on getting water like that.


lego mechanical workshop

Every Saturday I go to Bryne creek secondary school for robotic Lego building classes and I partnered with a boy named Arlow.

At the first Lego class I made a car that includes batteries to make it go.

Once all cars were made,we had a race and I won! its because the gear in m was really big.

To learn more about it watch the explaining video.