Playland great-legoland better

I really like amusement parks.My parents took me to Playland but I want to go to legoland!

Playland has lots of fun rides but legoland also has rides and those rides are more fun the rides than Playland.
Playland has lots of restaurants but legoland has lots more of restaurants and shops!

At Playland they have a flume but in Legoland they have a pirate reef.

Even though we had lots of fun in Playland riding the helicopters and the ferris wheel , I thought Legoland will be lots and lots of fun.

Why people thought of gods?

Ancient Greeks thought of gods because they wanted to understand how things happen.It  was a long time before they discovered science of course.

Basically Zeus had eight immortal children: Ares the god of war,Artemis the godess of the moon and wild animals,Hermes the god of trade and the proctector of travelers, Hephaestus the god of the BLACKSMITH’s fire,Athena the godess of wisdom and war, Apollo , the god of light, music and healing, Dionysus the god of wine and feasting and Hebe, the goddess of youth.

If I was ancient I will imagine a god of winter named Hionos.Whenever he throws his spear through the winter clouds(which is where he lives)snow falls to the ground.