Air vs Land

Here is one story many animal loving people might want to hear many times. It all takes place in a land where the sky is light and the clouds are dark. It gets its bad by black clouds and its good by grey clouds.

Soon a villain rose from the dark. His name was flyer-bot and he had plans to extinguish all the ground transportation and get everyone to travel through air! Luckily man named hull decided to become a hero as he saw the light. He ran to get a bearskin and placed a disc in his invention.

He was now master lobster because he made it magical. Whoever wore it had three arms on each of its sides like a lobster. He was now ready to rescue his own land. all that he needed now was a plan. if he did not find a plan he would not be able to save his land.

He then had a plan to find the weapons of the lobster as they had power over the enemy of a lobster warrior and he immediately drew his plan on a scroll.

but it would take days to find all weapons so he would have to pack all his supplies he needed so he packed a water bottle, a big box of all his food, a sleeping bag, a set of disguises and a list into a gigantic bag.

He took off out of his palace and looked around. There was no sign of danger so he stepped closer and saw a giant dragon elephant with oversized-flame charging at him. He dodged the flames better than a super black belt martial arts warrior and struck its chest and then its heart.
When he was fighting he got new upgrades fit for a warrior and he decided to test his new lobster and dragon elephant body so he swam in the deepest ocean of all the land and shot down a tree with his entire body and made a crack on an icy spot and flew over all the clouds of the land and back in a flash but then he saw an army of plane warriors charging at him and reprogrammed all of them and made them into part of a creation and then he saw an army of jet warriors charging at him and he did the same thing and also did that to rocket warriors and helicopter warriors and bomber warriors until his dis-painted creations were all put together.