The training school

Slaves are chosen to become gladiators, and are enrolled in combat training. The training gladiator must go through many different trials in order to pass onto the final test, where trainees must fight a gladiator in a special way.Image

Two of the trials are shown in the picture(above).

The final test

Now that all the men have done all the trials,it is time for the final test. This includes fighting in a special way.

The preparation for the final test is shown in the picture(below)


Before the fight

Emperor Titus has called up a gladiator fight in the colliseum, and all the gladiators are going to come and test their skills against others.But first they must prepare.There is an area where gladiators can sharpen their swords, but it cannot work with other weapons.There is a picture of this all happening(below)


 Duel in the colliseum

The first duel is begining now. Two gladiators must fight each other. Titus once said that a duel cannot be ended until a gladiator dies. The first gladiator raises his sword to strike. The second gladiator knocked the first gladiator off his balance and pinned him with his foot. The first gladiator got back up and threw his sword into his opponent’s chest. Then he raised his weapons and yelled “VICTORIA!!!”