Lego Mindstorms EV3 TRACK3R

Have you heard of the new Lego Mindstorms EV3 set? If you have, I shall tell you that I just used it to build a robotic rover called TRACK3R. If you didn’t, I wrote a description of it below: Lego Mindstorms is a series of sets that allows you to create your own robot, and as you might have guessed from the name, you use misceallanous(special) Lego elements. The first set was released in 1986, and the series has gone through many changes. Anyway, the newest stage of its evolution is called EV3. You can use it to build five starter robots, then step up and build your own. You can also program your robot either on a brick called the EV3, or on the special software. But new and only for EV3, you can control it with a special app called Robot Controller. Now I think you are ready for it, so here’s TRACK3R, the robot rover. track3r

TRACK3R is one of the starter robots in the EV3 set, and I made a video of him in action on the test pad. It is using a feature called the bi-blade blender to knock down a stack of tires.

Talent show

December 16th was this year’s talent show, and I was in it. I made a Minecraft parody of the famous song called Roar(Katty Perry), and I sang it while holding a foam pickaxe (from Amazon) and I was standing next to a block structure (which I made myself). If you want to you can see the video of me singing. After the talent show, my dad added captions and put some Minecraft gameplay video clips in between. If you don’t play Minecraft, you can click on the link saying Minecraft, and go explore a site called Minecraft Guides to learn what Minecraft exactly is.

Steve Parsons – My Comic Strip

Once I decided to start making comic strips, and a lot of people subscribed to me. The lead character of my comics is a kid called Steve Parson. And although  a lot of my comic strips were different than my latest comic, I still used that same name for all of them. The aftermath of all those changes was a nerd with a lot of troubles, and using a lot of people as the victim of his jokes. Below you can see all my Steve Parson comics that I  made so far.

First you can see some of my old Steve Parson strips, which I drew entirely by hand.

-In my first comic, Steve was a kid who was always playing jokes on his friend, Ward.


-Then, I changed Steve into a professional baseball player, and he still plays jokes on Ward, but I also changed Ward into the umpire.


-Then I  changed Steve back into a kid, and he reached his nerd form. I also changed Ward back into a kid, but now he’s Steve’s ex-friend.


Now you can see some of my new  Steve Parson strips, which I made using the following process.

1. I drew the images by hand

2. I traced and colored it in on Adobe Ideas on iPad

3. I edited them in Adobe Photoshop

4. I put them on Comic Life 2.0 to make it into a comic