My 8th B’day party

For my eighth birthday, I had a spy themed party.  We were playing laser tag while waiting for everyone to come, and then the activities started.

The first activity was a guessing game.  My dad projected pictures onto my TV. they were zoom-ins of images, and we had to guess what they were.

Then we played a game called double agent. We each got a card which said either agent or double agent. Everybody with an agent card had to close their eyes, and the other people had to point at someone. Then that person had to guess who pointed at him.

Just before the cake, we played a game like hot potato, called pass the dynamite. The only difference between it and hot potato is that you pass a dynamite instead of a ball.


The cake that we had looked just like a bomb, which meant a lot of black icing! And after the cake came the best part of the party.


I found a note which explained a scheme that involved a bomb we had to defuse. It came with a USB, which I put in my computer, and found a few images, one of which which said: your first clue is feeling cold.

image1  image2


We went to the refrigerator, and found a clue saying, I am feeling cold. My friend Simon decided to heat it up, and a message showed saying: under the couch.


We checked under the couch, and found a note with a character made from a wooden plank. He was saying: Thank you for rescuing me, can you please take me back to my home? In there you will find another clue. That plank was from my KEVA contraptions set, so I decided we should look there.


I found a note which was telling the story of the three little pigs, but it said that their mother said [the bomb is under the car] backwards. We figured it out soon by holding it up to the mirror, and we looked under the car. There was something looking like a bomb, and it was covered with a black bag. We opened the bag, and saw a bowl of candy!