Trip to India – March 12th to April 2nd

We just came off the plane. My uncle stepped out of a white van. We drove off to my aunt’s house. At India it was 7 in the morning. We started by exploring our new room. It was my brother’s birthday. My great aunt came, and we had a cake shaped like a video game character called Pikachu.

The next day, we went to the mall. We spent a lot of time in the arcade, then we ate out at the food court. After we watched something called 9di. It’s sort of like a D-box theater, except you have gun that you can use to shoot bad guys. My dad won.

Soon it was holi day. The adults put color on their shirts while me and my brother had a water gun battle. At the end the adults set up a water slide to play on.
Probably the best part was when our cousins Dhruv and Angad visited. When they came, we gave them a bunch of gifts, including an iPad mini. The next day we went to the mall together. We had the exact same schedule, and dad won 9di again!

Soon they left. The next day, it was time for us to leave. We started by going to the house of Gurpreet, one of my dad’s friends. Then we left for the airport. Our flight began.