An amazing trip to great wolf lodge

Not long ago I went to great wolf lodge for a vacation. It was amazing. It had an indoor waterpark!!! Anyway, before we went to our room, I saw two things:

1: The waterpark

I looked out a big window in the lobby. There it was, the indoor waterpark! It had a bunch of cool waterslides, a wavepool, and basketball in water!

2: The game

I saw kids carrying wands. I asked one of them what whas going on, and he said that those wands were to play a game called Magiquest. 

When we got to the room, my mom said that we were going to the waterpark. I changed, and then we got to the waterpark. I had the time of my life there. 

The next day we bought a wand for each of us. Then we played some Magiquest. After that we went to the waterpark and then ate a Kandy Kup from Mike and Ike.

The next day it was time for us to go. We played more Magiquest, and then we went to the waterpark. After that we signed out and left.

Time Masters – A short story

Carlson is a very popular kid. Or at least that’s what people think. He is actually obsessed in science, a geek to be precise.
But ever since he made his own computer, he’s been hiding his identity from the public, or at least the people who don’t know his secret. He has a large group of friends, who are also obsessed in science. But they all came from different schools.
After being shoved into lockers a few times, they were ready to go to middle school. They befriended Carlson, and they were all known popular ever since. A few days later, Carlson opened the Garageband club for after school, and all his friends joined. No, they did not do any thing that has to do with bands. They researched methods of technological systems, they carry out experiments with extreme formulas, and they make great inventions, and right now they are making probably one of the most powerful things ever: A time traveling space station. They even have their own club bus, with storage for keeping current projects so that they can be delivered to, let’s say for the space station modules, Carlson’s friend Jonah’s house. Each house plays a different lab or station, and same way Jonah’s house is a space center, Pablo’s house is a greenhouse, Mark’s house is a DNA lab, and Alexandro’s house is a travel station. Carlson has many more friends who don’t use their house for a lab, but are still part of the space station project. Speaking of projects, it’s 3:00 pm, and Carlson plus some of his friends rushed to the computer lab. They saw Carlson’s other friends waiting for him. Carlson went through a tool box when he found it: The timeline chip. This chip would be the heart of the space station. The boys built the final module: The control. This would be the area where the pilot controlled the force field to alter the surrounding space time in time. Jonah puts the last wire together with the timeline chip.
He twists together two wires with soldering, and climbs down. They then loaded our module into the bus to Jonah’s house. Not in a long time, they were in a spacecraft flying through the escape zone.
Jonah was the commander of the Starjet model 71. After the burner and stabilizers ejected, Jonah pressed a button, and a door opened to reveal a work cabin. An image of the cabin appeared on the screen of the commander’s capsule. Jonah pushed some levers, and soon Carlson and his friends were fixing together the space station.
“done”, Carlson said after twisting the last two wires together. The space station was ready! Carlson and the crew rocketed back to Earth, but what they did not notice was a camera. An eager Lord Efill was watching the space station. He was about to send troops to take over the station, when they noticed a meteoroid heading for it. Okay, okay, Lord Efill is this evil guy and.. now back to our meteoroid hitting the extremely valuable space station and.. WHAT?!!! Okay, It would be much,much better if we skip this part, but on second thought, the story would be pretty boring and…wait, is that Alexandro? He was sent by Carlson to program the massive supercomputer system of the space station. He was turning on his micro-sized mainframe when a device made by Lord Efill launched a virus into the small computer. This was not just any virus, this was the virus -T, a virus created by Efillton industries as for Efill’s ordinary joe life, and transported it to the machine as Lord Efill. But the virus was detected quickly, and the gang found pieces of code which get their input from radio waves.
Carlson was smart: He tracked the radio waves, which led to a mansion, and the gang went inside disguised as governors. “You have been sending radio signals to a mainframe, we want to see the source code.” said Carlson. Lord Efill let them, seeing the firearm in Carlson’s pocket.(plasma radiator in Radiokay plasma case model 40) But lord Efill has a surprise for them. He gave them the source code for his email that he sent to his girlfriend, but the gang was too smart too fall for that. Mark picked an infrared lighter. And faster than you can say hack, an armada of robots armed with Gammabulb Raystingers. But then came the statues. Lord Efill shocked the whole property, and the demon on the fountain opened up to reveal a titanic war machine controlled by a cyberphanton which Efill secretly got his orders, but there were also guns and harpoons firing out of the gargoyles on the pillars. The fight was on.
However, Carlson did have one secret weapon, the Cordraxx. It was a special dart that blocks cabling on machines. After defeating the gargoyle birdkillers, Carlson threw a Cordraxx at the killer demon. It worked! The cabling shut down on the demon, which shut down all connection from the microprocessor. However, that was only the beginning. The cyberphantom found a wire which was not blocked out. He went through the wire, and found himself in a supercomputer. he malfunctioned the software, and an image appeared on the screen. It was a picture of a man in a black cloak. He carried a chip. Lord Efill looked up at the man. He also carried a gamma laser. It is about time I tell you about the Tech shadow. He is a cyberphantom created by William Shadow, a tyrant bent on recreating the world in his own image. “What kind of governor summons robot armies and cancels information with weapons?” Efill asked, and Shadow replied: “The kind of governor who has something to hide.” “He could be a threat to my plan.” The next day, Shadow went into a cyborg disguised as a civilian, and visited the congress.
Shadow walked into the president’s office, and asked the president if he sent governors to a mansion owned by Julius Efillton. “At least try to remember sending governors to his property” Said shadow, and explained what happened. The president was even more confused after he said that. Shadow finally asked if he knew someone with technology way ahead of everyone else. He then said two words that made sense to everything: Carlson McBert. Shadow asked which school he goes to,
and brought all the information back to HQ. Shadow then gave the principal a phone call that he would like to see Carlson, and that he could bring friends to accompany him. Then at recess, the entire Garageband club went to Efillton’s mansion. “Don’t you know this place, its the headquarters of Lord Efill.” Luckily, the boys packed some  weapons in case of an emergency. When they entered the mansion, they drew there weapons at Lord Efill, and a cyborg which shadow was inside. “Surrender and we will not hurt you, but what’s with him?” Carlson asked. “Oh, I forgot something. Efill plugged the cyborg into a huge mech. Later, the cyborg shut down and the mech started up. The mech yelled “I am the tech shadow!” Carlson summoned the biggest robot army ever. The final battle was about to begin. The giant robots fired at the
mech and it fell down to a server. That server was in charge of the mansion, And shadow went in it.
Carlson was about to discover the ugly truth of Efill’s mansion. The entire estate turned into a humongous war machine.
Carlson did not know what to do. The robot blasted into space, and it could not be long until it does something to the space station on Chapter 1. But Carlson crawled through the robot hoping to get  to the center
circuit, but it was guarded by Lord Efill. This might sound complicated, but  I am going to tell you what Carlson did after he defeated Efill, and then how he defeated him. Carlson had finally managed to go to the center circuit. He tinkered with the wiring and found a solution by messing with the optical output.
Now I will tell you how Carlson defeated Efill. Efill held out his firearm, but Carlson dodged the bullet and threw a grenade that Efill dodged. Then Carlson pulled out something. But I won’t tell you what it is cause I already called shotgun!
Okay,Okay I’ll tell you what it is. But don’t expect me to pay your bills, interest or not.He pulled out a vacuum tube. A vacuum tube can’t possibly harm a human being, but Efill fell to the ground when Carlson aimed the vacuum tube at him; he was a robot!!! To hack the logic surveillance, Carlson used the vacuum tube to suck the Shadow out.