History of Comics

It all started with two friends. Two friends and a war. It was world war 1, and the first friend wanted to give word that a greater good will stop the war. He thought of the mythological Hercules, and how he did just that with superpowers far from reality. He liked science fiction, so he designed an alien from a faraway planet called Krypton. This alien crashed on Earth and grew superpowers from the rays of the yellow sun.He was raised as Clark Kent in a town called Smallville. He moved to Metropolis to get a job at the daily planet, and began helping people as Superman.

He sent it to his friend, a successful bodybuilder, who gave Superman anatomy mirroring his own, inspired from his super strength. Soon they started to release comic strips that were all rejected.

They decided that they would put their strips over each other on paper and make a comic book. As they grew up, they created a company called DC comics. They released the Shadow, about a man who at night, fights evil. The Shadow set the base for Batman, who was an important part of DC. Batman had no powers, while Superman could move planets. Their other superheroes were in the middle, less power than Superman but more power than Batman. These included blue beetle and green hornet. Captain America arrived in World war 2. In the comics, he fought in the war  as a super soldier, but was cancelled after the war, just about the time that an artist decided that comics needed more emotion and suspense. He created Spiderman, the first Marvel hero.  Marvel brought back Captain America and Created many other superheroes based on Radioactivity.


The last few days I have been building a shell game out of Lego Mindstorms. It has four levels controlled by a remote. Below there is a video demonstrating how the game works.
The brick is placed inside the middle shell, and the shells are constantly switching until a certain point, when you guess which shell has the brick via remote control. then the game tells you if you are right or wrong.