Problems with Disney movies

Have you ever noticed that Disney movies are a little bit, strange? For example, in Peter Pan, when Wendy finds Peter, a total stranger , in her room, she just follows him up to who knows where? If the same thing happened to you, what would you do?Will you run away and call the cops? Yes! If they ever remake Peter Pan, I’d like to see Wendy do that too!

My second demonstration of a nonsense Disney movie is about the Little Mermaid. Humans constantly pollute the ocean, and in the Little Mermaid, not only do the sea creatures pass off this junk as fine, Ariel actually sees it as treasure! they should add a scene where Ariel gets her tail caught in human junk and realizes her “treasure” is just junk that’s dangerous for her habitat.

There are a few things wrong with Star Wars too. Like how Alderaan blew up and Princess Leia barely noticed. What! If you were held captive while earth blew up, what will you do? you’ll burst into tears and pray for the 7.5 billion people that died!

See? every Disney movie has errors, even Star wars! You might be wondering, why doesn’t this post have any Pixar movies? Well, I don’t currently have any opinions for those, so you’re going to have to wait for another post. Sorry.