Bitopia: Part 1

I remember one day, I was thinking of all the problems with different types of government. The problems with democracy. The problems with dictatorship. The problems  with monarchy, imperialism, you get the idea. And then I thought , what if there was a country ruled by a supercomputer? Then I thought of a nation controlled entirely by technology, and the name of this nation is… Bitopia



At the heart of Bitopolis, capital of Bitopia, lies a large chamber, towering over the others in the mighty Ruling Center. This chamber houses a large quantum computer with a complex control panel. This computer is connected to all technology in Bitopolis, including transmission devices to send information to other cities. The name of this computer is Bitocrates, and its task is to rule Bitopia. Every city in Bitopia has its own version of Bitocrates, but they all answer to the Bitocrates in Bitopolis.  Such a government is called a Bitocracy, but there are many other important officials. The Chief Representant represents the country of Bitopia at an international scale. However, if a country decides to speak with one Bitopian city, each city has a Main Representant to speak for Bitocrates. In order to create a new law, a Governant passes the problem into Bitocrates using a special code.  Bitocrates then uses is logic analysis programming(LAG) to deliver a solution to the Representant.



You might think that in a nation being ruled by a computer, what kind of representation do people have? The answer to that is, better than republican countries. The people of Bitopia do not vote on who should lead, but on what direction the Bitocracy takes. Here is one example of the many Bitopian ballots:

Do you think Bitopia should spend more money on….

-Roads, bridges, and transportation

-Project funds and innovation

-Civilian housing and immigration




That is one of many different types of ballots, each type counted separately in a massive post-electionary period. During the period, the world’s best programmers renew Bitocrates’s code to fit each different choice made by the people.



We’ve been talking about goverment for two sections now, so how is everyday life like in Bitopolis and and other cities? Well, although there are plenty of factories in Bitopia, just like in other cities, the people who work there don’t do any gruff work, that’s the job of robots. The people who work there either repair the robots, or they debug their programming. But Bitopia doesn’t just have factories. Like any country, it has restaurants, hotels, theaters, and more. However, just like the factories, any regular human job is done by robots and/or digital  intelligence, with humans programming them. However, jobs such as game developing or banking which require humans to program stay the same in Bitopia.

Part two of this post will come soon. Bye!

Why Walt Disney is a horrible man.

I have already done three posts on problems with  Disney movies, and now I’m going personal. Walt Disney seems innocent for all the problems with Disney movies, but there are some bad things he did personally. For example, he did not allow any women or black people in his company. One example was when a group of women wanted to sign up for the animation of Snow White, and Disney turned them down personally, saying that animation was the work of young, white, men. Anyone who remembers their history books might know that Disney had its peak in World War II. Back then, special “training movies” were used to encourage patriotism in soldiers. Walt Disney made two of these training movies, one where Donald Duck fights a Nazi food ration, and another where Donald Duck invades a Japanese base. However, these movies were released to worldwide theaters, including Germany, Japan, and Italy. These movies almost became matter of international court, and Walt Disney is the one to blame. Now that Disney is under Bob Iger, let’s hope that he doesn’t make any really bad choices. Otherwise, you might have another post coming your way…