Quantum Teleportation

No, I’m not kidding. Teleportation is possible, but you might need to know a bit of quantum mechanics…

The rest of this post contains complex scientific ideas and terminology which depending on your IQ and geekiness will (besides being completely safe and innovative if you’re a nerd) make you either scratch your head, freeze your mind or explode your brain.


Okay, back to the post.

Studies have shown that two isolated particles in a vacuum tend to entangle with each other, or send constant waves back and forth with each other. Scientists have also discovered the holy grail of science, the Higgs Boson, which entangles with any particle in any condition. All these principles can be combined to create a teleportation device to transfer an electron from one place to another, no matter how separated the two places are.

Say you have two boxes, one in the north pole and one in the south pole. Say you put an electron in Box A, and you want to get it to Box B without touching the electron. What do you do? Take two Higgs Bosons, entangle them together, and put one in each box. Since Boson A is in the same box as electron, the two entangle together, forming a three way entanglement. This means that electron will also be entangled with Boson B, so electron will be in two places at once. Separate the electron from Boson B, and it will end up in Box B.


Bitopia-Part 2

I already made Bitopia part 1 a few days ago, and said I would continue, so behold, Bitopia part 2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Housing                                                                                                                                    —————————————————————————————————————————–

The people of Bitopia live in collections of silicon bubbles, able to withstand large amounts of weight, but still able to be blown in a few seconds. Every time a new dude moves into one of the cities, we will blow a house for him. The new house will be completely free, so there will be no mortgage or poverty.



There are no farms in Bitopia. Instead, there are labs which generate multiple types of molecules injected into edible cubes called Kump. Kump has great taste, but also plenty of essential nutrients such as glucose and carbohydrates. Regular Kump is free in three meals, while extra Kump and premium Kump is a bit more expensive. Premium Kump has extra flavors and nutrients that are more exotic than the regular vitamin A, iron, protein, lactose, fiber, gelatin, glucose, fruit flavor, and non-saturated fat.


That’s all for this episode of Bitopia, stay tuned!

Why Barbie is many things(none of them good)

Barbie is one of the most popular doll franchises in North America, especially for its message “You can be anything.” But, have you ever noticed, what ever Barbie becomes, its always “girly” in a way. She’s become so far, a princess, a pink suited-superhero, and a singer. Stereotypes!!! And if she’s not those things, she’s a teenage girl who’s got a mansion, giant RV, limousine, and a sister with a clubhouse the size of some townhouses. That’s the only place you’ll find her which doesn’t have a movie. In the movies, she’s got plenty of emotions ranging from sadness to fear to surprise, but in the toys, she only has one emotion: happiness. You never see a barbie doll with a shocked or scared face, or with teary eyes, but you always see her smiling. That’s like saying: “you’ll cry and scream as a fairy or superhero, but if you’re rich, you’ll always be happy!” Wrong!!! Barbie is a spoiled brat, that’s all she is! And yet she’s happy! If a real girl lived in her so called dreamhouse for a year, she”ll probably grow bored and tired of clothes and makeup and shoe shopping, and I can’t describe how happy she’ll be when she LEAVES!!! Speaking of dreamhouses, there happens to be a TV show called Barbie:Life in the Dreamhouse, which features a huge cast of friends and family to support Barbie. But they’re all white! I wrote a post on bad things with Lego Friends, but at least they have some more diversity!

End scene.