Game Update: Using d3.js library!

I’m sorry I didn’t post any updates on the game(or anything at all). I’ve been really busy lately, with school restarting and all, so I haven’t been able to find time for this blog.

Well, for the first post in about 23 days, I bring to you a big update for the game, in 5 characters:


Wait, what? d3.js? What is that? Well, it’s a function library for javascript to help create data-driven documents. Sounds boring right? Well, you’ll change your mind when you see what d3 can do! Imagine rainbow worms, interactive graphs, digital world maps, even web games can be made with this library!

I’ve already gone to the point in my game where I need interactive graphics, and that’s exactly what d3 provides.

Right now I’m still learning the way it works, and I made a few sample programs with it on my website. I’ll be constantly adding links to my new programs onto this post, so stay tuned!

For a colorful spin on a sine curve, click this link.