Game Update: Finally Finished (for now)!

It seems that I have not posted a game update in a long time, despite continuing to work on the game. In fact, I haven’t posted many game updates at all since the project started. But, I have now finished the project! Well, by that, I mean I have finished the IDS project. But the game will continue development as I add more updates in the long run.

To play the new and improved game, you can click on this link.

But for now, let me sum up everything  I did for the project since the game’s first release.

I added sound effects into my game. I learned a new library called p5.sound, which adds sound effects to p5.js Now, every time you get a new notification, a ‘ding’ sound is played. When a virus attacks, a dramatic ‘dun dun dun’ sound effect is played. There are more sounds that I added and more sounds that I will be adding in the future.

I created a system which lets users create accounts and save their best scores on my game. To clarify, users are scored on how much time they can stay alive in my game. Since my game is on a Rails website, I can create an account service, in which users save their scores. On the game over screen, it shows your time alive and your best scores.

I created a new task and a new protein for my game.The new task is about a wave of radiation which hit the cell’s nucleus, damaging its DNA. To survive it, you have to create a gene regulator protein, which costs more resources than a DICER enzyme. But if you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before your cell dies.

I added a new clause into my game: your ATP decreases over time. In real life, a cell is constantly using ATP to keep itself alive. Now in the game, your ATP decreases by 1 every second, and if you have 0 ATP, you die.

I added tutorials to teach players my game. They are in the form of popups which appear when the player needs to do something he/she hasn’t done before. So far I have made tutorials to explain:

  • the purpose of the game
  • how to collect ATP
  • how to fight viruses
  • how to fight radiation
  • how to recycle resources

I will continue making more tutorials as the game continues to be updated.  

Even though my project is finished, I will continue making updates, and I promise I will post game updates to my blog more frequently in the future.