Rational Treasure: How a few simple tricks can change the way you think

A couple of months back, I published a post about behavioral economics and the various biases in human thinking(the link to that post is right here). But I didn’t stop there. I wrote a whole book on the subject: Rational Treasure.

A few of my readers might be thinking, what’s the big deal? There are lots of books written on behavioral economics, like Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow, or Richard Thaler’s Nudge. But my book is unlike those books, for three main reasons.

The first reason is its simplicity. The target audience for this book is kids and pre-teens aged 9-14. Nobody has ever written books on behavioral economics, or market economics for this audience, which is why I want to be the first. But this book isn’t just for kids. If you’re getting interested in behavioral economics, but you’re intimidated by the current material on the subject, Rational Treasure is a perfect starting point.

The second reason is that instead of being completely non-fiction, the book follows the story of two characters who discover an ancient map to lost treasures. But as they try to find this treasure, the two learn the many faults in the human brain, as well as how to avoid them and how to exploit them.

And the third reason: it has comics!

In case you were wondering who those two are, the one on the left is Ike, and the one on the right is Hugh. And there’s one big difference between the two of them. While Hugh is just a regular, standard, coffee-loving human, Ike is a different species altogether: an economist. And as the two of them progress on their adventure, Hugh falls prey to many of the biases in human thinking, as you can see.


Overall, Rational Treasure is a great book for anyone who’s looking for an introduction to behavioral economics. But don’t take it from me! Try reading the book yourself, and comment down what you think of it(buy it over here)!

PS: Before publishing this post, I went to a local Christmas market to sell my book, and we sold out completely!