Book review: What If?

This book was made by Randall Munroe, the same guy who made

The book contains many questions from the what if section of XKCD, and answers to all of them.
Questions include:What would happen if someones DNA vanished? And:How many arrows would it take
to blot out the sun?

This was a really cool book with answers I never thought I would need until I saw the questions. I hear the US edition is coming out soon!

I would give it ten out of ten stars!


Technology in ancient Egypt

I borrowed a book about this from burnaby public library,anyway my father wanted it. I agreed but found that it wasn’t that good,even though I love history!

I liked the part that they made models and I did not like the book because it was all about Egyptian technology.

If you were a time traveller and you went in the times of ancient Egypt, getting water will be tricky.we did a project based on getting water like that.