Problems with Disney movies 3.0

If you are seeing this, you have probably read my previous posts on Disney movies(Perspectives of Star Wars doesn’t count). If you haven’t, you can go and read those right now. If you have, you might notice that I didn’t mention anything about Marvel comics/movies. I will do that right now, as well as some more on the classics.

Let’s start with Marvel. In Iron Man, Tony Stark is a genius. But what does he use that genius for? Bombs!!! I repeat, bombs! Nothing, literally nothing good comes out of bombs. When he finally makes his new alloy, ┬áS.K.I.N, into a glider instead of a bomb, its not even because he realized where he went wrong, but because a bunch of hippies started marching down his street!!! Like his father said in a certain comic, Stark just chases after whatever fast car or pretty face strikes his fancy!!! Even as Iron Man, he is still selfish and unheroic, fighting only villains who threaten him and his company. Plus, he got demoted as leader of the Avengers because of some Jack Kirby super soldier who’s first appearance was as an ice cube!!! Oh, and by the way, how come they call Captain America the first Avenger even though he didn’t join until Avengers #4?

Now the classics. I already stated my opinions on The Lion King in a previous post, but there are still some things that I need to let out. For example, in the quarrel between Mufasa and Skaar, we learn that Skaar’s main strength is his intelligence, whereas Mufasa is stronger. However, when Skaar takes over, everyone starves. This shows that intelligence is not a good quality, and that is the message Disney spread to its audience.




Why Disney movies spread bad messages

On a previous post, I mentioned bad messages spread by Disney, and said i’ll be thinking of some Pixar ones. I thought of one from Toy Story, along with some Disney classics.

Lets start with Toy Story. In the movie, the toys are living, immortal, creatures, though humans are treating them like things. In Toy Story 3, The Toys are being treated diabolically! Shoved in the trash, used as paint brushes. Their parts in noses and replaced by tortillas, you name it man. They’re technically slaves, sabotaged for human enjoyment! The trilogy should have ended with the toys breaking free of human control and going to live away from human society. They didn’t, which ends up as a big fat sign saying,”Slavery is okay”.

Now back to the Disney classics. In Snow White, the queen believes she is the fairest of all, And when she falls second, she is determined to destroy Snow White at all costs. Disguising her self as a hag was not smart. Disney was just trying to say that ugly people are bad, ugly people face consequences, and never trust ugly people. That’s a wrong message, and its shown in “Beauty and the beast” , “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty”.

Lion King displays two bad messages. One is that Mufasa is supposed to be some wise man. But pretty much all Mufasa cares about as a leader is tradition and the circle of life. Oh, that dang circle of life, where the antelope eats the grass, the tiger eats the antelope and poops it out to fertilize the grass and so on.
But what about the hyenas? where do they fit in. Maybe they…Don’t?! so when Mufasa lectures Simba on all that tradition, what he’s basically saying is: “So that’s the circle of life, and all animals must live in peace and harmony. Except hyenas. HYENAS!!! Get the hyenas out of here! banish them to the out lands to die from starvation and never be heard from again!”

What ever happened to peace and harmony? That’s racism, right there in front of your eyes. Enough of Mufasa, now for Simba. Simba abandoned Pride Rock and was adopted by Timon and Pumba. All they taught him though was “hakuna matata” In Swahili that means “no worries”. but in common sense, it means don’t be a good leader!

Problems with Disney movies

Have you ever noticed that Disney movies are a little bit, strange? For example, in Peter Pan, when Wendy finds Peter, a total stranger , in her room, she just follows him up to who knows where? If the same thing happened to you, what would you do?Will you run away and call the cops? Yes! If they ever remake Peter Pan, I’d like to see Wendy do that too!

My second demonstration of a nonsense Disney movie is about the Little Mermaid. Humans constantly pollute the ocean, and in the Little Mermaid, not only do the sea creatures pass off this junk as fine, Ariel actually sees it as treasure! they should add a scene where Ariel gets her tail caught in human junk and realizes her “treasure” is just junk that’s dangerous for her habitat.

There are a few things wrong with Star Wars too. Like how Alderaan blew up and Princess Leia barely noticed. What! If you were held captive while earth blew up, what will you do? you’ll burst into tears and pray for the 7.5 billion people that died!

See? every Disney movie has errors, even Star wars! You might be wondering, why doesn’t this post have any Pixar movies? Well, I don’t currently have any opinions for those, so you’re going to have to wait for another post. Sorry.