The last few days I have been building a shell game out of Lego Mindstorms. It has four levels controlled by a remote. Below there is a video demonstrating how the game works.
The brick is placed inside the middle shell, and the shells are constantly switching until a certain point, when you guess which shell has the brick via remote control. then the game tells you if you are right or wrong.

The thing about Lego Friends

Recently iv’e been thinking about Lego. I notice Lego made Lego Friends for girls, but its spreading a message that certain Lego sets are for certain genders. The thing is that women dont need their own Girly sets, they need to exist in the Lego community. A fan of the Lego game Heroica complained that since there are no female characters, the women in his role play group dont get any roles. Lego also has Disney princesses, though they should represent princesses through Lego castle. it seems that Lego is already starting, because one day I was roaming through the Lego castle website when I found a video highly concentrated on a princess, choosing if she will marry the prince or not.

Lego Mindstorms EV3 TRACK3R

Have you heard of the new Lego Mindstorms EV3 set? If you have, I shall tell you that I just used it to build a robotic rover called TRACK3R. If you didn’t, I wrote a description of it below: Lego Mindstorms is a series of sets that allows you to create your own robot, and as you might have guessed from the name, you use misceallanous(special) Lego elements. The first set was released in 1986, and the series has gone through many changes. Anyway, the newest stage of its evolution is called EV3. You can use it to build five starter robots, then step up and build your own. You can also program your robot either on a brick called the EV3, or on the special software. But new and only for EV3, you can control it with a special app called Robot Controller. Now I think you are ready for it, so here’s TRACK3R, the robot rover. track3r

TRACK3R is one of the starter robots in the EV3 set, and I made a video of him in action on the test pad. It is using a feature called the bi-blade blender to knock down a stack of tires.

lego mechanical workshop

Every Saturday I go to Bryne creek secondary school for robotic Lego building classes and I partnered with a boy named Arlow.

At the first Lego class I made a car that includes batteries to make it go.

Once all cars were made,we had a race and I won! its because the gear in m was really big.

To learn more about it watch the explaining video.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUr2caWXzdo?rel=0]