The perspectives of Star Wars

If you watch only the original trilogy of Star Wars, your answer to the question, “Who are the villains in Star Wars?” will probably be “Imperials”. If you watched only the prequels, you’ll say “Separatists”. If you watched all of them, you’ll say “Sith”. And these are all correct. But going back to the original trilogy, what if I asked you, “Who are the best people in Star Wars, and who are the worst?” Your answer might be,”the rebel alliance”. But think about admiral Ackbar. Among the rebels, many other “Mon Calamari” served in their ranks. but they didn’t sign up like everybody else. Rebels flew to Mon Cala, fished out the Mon Calamari, and forced them all to die for the secret of the second Death Star. Really nice, “heroes”!

And how about the worst ones? Well you would say “Imperials”, though the imperials did do some terrible acts in commitment to the emperor, they did do one good thing, ban Podracing. When imperial forces first reached Tatoonie, they did one thing first, saving the lives of many alien and even some humans, and was the start of civilization in a lawless frontier, that thing was banning Podracing.