Quantum physics for dummies

Hey guys, today I am going to do the impossible:explain Quantum physics in the simplest terms I can.

So, What is quantum physics? Basically it explains stuff that are really, really, really small. If you are in grade seven or higher, you probably know about atoms. Atoms are really small, and they make up everything (That’s why you should not trust them). The word atom means “cannot be cut” in Greek. Turns out the name isn’t so accurate. Atoms can be split, with a process called nuclear fission. They don’t use knives to do it, but before I can explain the process, You have to know about subatomic particles. Subatomic particles are even smaller than atoms, and they live inside the atoms. Turns out they have way more space than they bargained for. If an atom were the size of a football stadium, a subatomic particle will be no bigger than a grain of sand. There are three basic types of particles, protons, neutrons, and electrons. I am going to quickly fix up charts for them:




So what’s the nucleus? its a collection of protons and neutrons at the very center of an atom.
Electrons are not in the nucleus. They orbit around the nucleus at the edge of the atom. All
types of particles in an atom are usually the same number. However the number of particles in an
atom can vary based on the element. e.g Hydrogen has one electron, Helium has two, Lithium three and so on.

Book review: What If?

This book was made by Randall Munroe, the same guy who made XKCD.com.

The book contains many questions from the what if section of XKCD, and answers to all of them.
Questions include:What would happen if someones DNA vanished? And:How many arrows would it take
to blot out the sun?

This was a really cool book with answers I never thought I would need until I saw the questions. I hear the US edition is coming out soon!

I would give it ten out of ten stars!


How to fix the atmosphere

Global warning and ozone hole are big problems. Here are some ideas to fix ozone layer and reduce global warning.

Patch up the ozone layer

If you have been here for at least twelve years, you will know that whenever you get a hole in your pants, your mom wants to sew it up. Well, factories made a hole in the ozone layer, so why don’t we sew that up to? We can get our moms to fly up to the top of the sky and sew up the ozone hole! and in the meantime, we can get them to paint over Jupiter’s red spot…

Eat our meat raw

Will you be willing to give up barbecue to stop global warming? Fossil fuel ovens emit CO2 into the air, so why not stop using them? Will you give up hamburgers, or eat them raw? Okay, now serious. If we use electric stoves,BBQs,etc., we can reduce the carbon dioxide in the air, thus reducing the greenhouse effect!

Hamburger overhaul

Last time, we talked about raw burgers, so what about a bunch of them? If we get rid of all the cows in north america, there will be no threat of methane from cow burps. And more hamburgers. Its a win-win!