Why Donald Trump is using the same tactic as Star Wars villain Emperor Palpatine(Wait, what?)


I am a big Star Wars fan. I am also a big fan of politics, especially this year’s election. However, after looking at the political news, and reviewing the Star Wars storyline, I discovered a similarity in two people: Emperor Palpatine and Donald Trump.

I’m not saying that Trump is an idiot. In fact, I’m saying that he is actually intelligent enough to deceive voters and insult minorities in a way that nobody has before, except for the fictional character, Sheev Palpatine.

Now, I can guarantee you that this similarity is not intentional, Palpatine’s character was designed in 1980, long before Trump ran for president.

The main similarity is their treatment of minorities. Although this wasn’t seen fully in the films, official text and even the Rebels TV series have proven that Palpatine’s main strategy after gaining power, is basically banishing aliens from Imperial society. He appeared in holotransmissions spreading lies and fear about aliens, which led humans all around the galaxy to reject and hate their alien counterparts. Meanwhile, Trump’s ideals of racism are strengthened by inflammatory lies designed to strike fear into US voters, and lead them to believe that the country belongs to white people, and that immigrants cannot be tolerated.

Racism is one of the uses of Trump’s lies and metaphorical fear gas, but he also uses it to attack rivals such as Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. He used the rumored emails to insult Clinton’s crookedness, and attacked Cruz on his hypocrisy after going from “Not making America a police state” to requesting patrol of Muslim neighborhoods. Back to Star Wars, Palpatine exploits the chaos of the Senate when dissolving it, and sends propaganda on the Holonet painting the Rebel Alliance as a group of scoundrels, and the Galactic Empire as a protective force to prevent them.

If you don’t fully get it, here’s an analogy for you. Imagine you have a green table, but your friend thinks it should be brown, so he paints the table brown. In response, you paint the table green, and the war goes on. As you run out of paint, you both agree to have the rest of your friends decide. A good strategy is to frame the brown paint as filth, and your green paint a force of beauty. In this case, you are Trump/Palpatine, and your friend is the Democratic Party/Rebel Alliance.

Conclusion: The Sith Master, corrupt Emperor of the galaxy, and Master Of Deceiving, is running for president and is currently winning. No, this isn’t an excuse to stress eat the ice cream cake for your friend’s birthday. Think about Palpatine, who was later killed by Luke and Anakin Skywalker, and now is but a legend. Let’s hope somebody rises up to defeat the Galactic Empire and restore peace to the galaxy, whether it’s Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or a random Canadian Star Wars fan/political blogger.

Cause you never know.

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