LiD, and why you can become successful from studying goats.

Have you heard about LiD? It is the best concept ever to rise in education. A few years ago, professors in SFU gathered to discuss the idea of a broad education. They finally came with the conclusion that broad education sucks! And then, was born the concept of choosing one of dozens of highly interesting topics, ranging from the brilliant study of apples, to the unsolved mysteries of zebras. (But seriously, are zebras black with white stripes, or white with black stripes?). LiD was created!

In fact, many people can become successful using this system. Imagine you study goats as your LiD topic. During your observations, you realize that goats eat cash. Using this knowledge, you find work as a realtor!

One of the best parts of this system is the rule that you cannot change your topic. Imagine a boy who is given the LiD topic of jungles. He goes so extreme into his study, he retreats into the jungles of India! after three years, he returns to the city, knowing the jungle like the back of his hand. He goes to his teacher and asks, “I already know all there is about the jungle, for I have spent three years living with a savage pack of wolves in India. May I please change my LiD topic?” Guess what the teacher answered from the below options:

A: Why, of course you can change your topic!

B: No way, nobody can change a LiD topic!

C: Wait a second…

The answer is obviously B! Everybody knows LiD topics are for life! Three years studying jungles is nothing, even if you spend it living like Mowgli! The topic of jungles is almost as broad as the topic of metal!

Another good thing is that silly topics aren’t available as LiD topics. Cause really, who would waste their time studying computer science, when instead you can learn about the fascinating properties of wool! After all, this is the 21st century, and cotton farming may be the most important job there is! I mean, programming jobs are so 19th century, which is pathetic, considering JavaScript was made in 1995!

Conclusion: All shall follow the practices of LiD!(Even if your topic is rivers.)

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