I am making a video game!

Okay, that title may have been a little shocking. But yes, I am making a video game on the Rails framework, soon to be published on the web.

The video game is all about the molecular biology of the eukaryotic cell. It may seem lame at first,  but trust me, it will be anything but lame. It also happens to be a school project.

You see, I decided to do an Independent Directed Study (IDS for short) as a school project, and as a topic to study, I chose Molecular Biology. As well as a research component, there is also a project feature in IDS, where students illustrate their research with movies, iBooks, and games. I, being a programmer, decided to make a video game. I also got a textbook to study, entitled: ‘Microbiology Of The Cell’.

In the game, you play as a constantly evolving organism. This organism will face many problems, and it is up to you to command the cells to stop it. If I had to pick a genre for it, it would be a Role Playing Game(RPG for short).

On this blog, I will constantly post logs on how my game was improved, until the game finally launches onto the web(The logs will be part of the IDS category).  Right now, I already have a few of the models, and the home screen is starting to form.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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